Samsung Galaxy A52s ontvangt januari update voor beveiliging

Samsung Galaxy A52s January Update Enhances Security


Samsung’s Galaxy A52s has received the highly anticipated January update, which brings significant security improvements to the Android OS. Unlike its predecessor, the A52 4G, the A52s is already receiving its second security update since the major upgrade during the holiday season.

With firmware version A528BXXS6FXA1, this update installs the January patch, which includes a whopping 75 enhancements to strengthen the security of the Android OS. Additionally, the patch brings alterations to “My Files,” the Bluetooth connection, and Samsung’s One UI interface’s notification system.

However, this update does not provide a solution to the icon burn-in issue in the status bar, which was disabled with the Android 14 upgrade. Nevertheless, Samsung has stated that they are working on a fix, so it is possible that it will be implemented in a future update.

Presently, the January update is available on the unbranded Galaxy A52s in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as on Vodafone’s branded devices. It is expected that the update will also be rolled out to other A52 models, but the A52 4G must first receive the Android 14 update.

Overall, it is encouraging to see Samsung actively improving the security and functionality of the Galaxy A52s. Users can now enjoy an enhanced experience with their device, along with greater peace of mind regarding the security of their Android OS.

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