PlayStation 5 update 24.01-08.60.00: Verbeterde functionaliteit en nieuwe mogelijkheden voor gebruikers

PlayStation 5 Update 24.01-08.60.00: Enhanced Functionality and Exciting New Features for Users


Sony has released the latest firmware update for the PlayStation 5, version 24.01-08.60.00, bringing along exciting new features. One of the notable additions is the enhanced Parties function, allowing users to view previous parties they have participated in through the Parties tab on their console. This gives players the ability to easily restart a party by simply selecting it from the Recent list.

Additionally, Sony has also updated the PS5 for the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds. This update includes new functionalities such as the sound equalizer, which allows users to adjust the sound to their own preference. Another added feature is the sidetone function, making it easier to hear your own voice during voice chats.

Another new feature introduced with the update is the notification that appears when the PULSE Explore wireless earbuds are nearby. Users can now quickly connect to these earbuds and easily switch the connection between their PC and PS5 through this notification.

In addition to these new functionalities, Sony has also worked on the overall performance and stability of the system software. Users can now enjoy a smoother and more stable experience while using their PS5 console.

This update offers users an enriched experience and highlights Sony’s continuous effort to improve the functionality of their devices. Make sure to update your PlayStation 5 to the latest firmware version to take advantage of these amazing new features!

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