Japanse maanlander SLIM hervat missie na stroomstoring

New Insights into the Moon: The Journey of Japanese Moon Lander SLIM


The Japanese moon lander SLIM has resumed its mission after a power outage that caused it to be dormant for a while. The space agency JAXA has confirmed that SLIM is ready to continue its mission. Japan has become the fifth country to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon.

Following a successful landing, the car-sized lander was parked due to issues with the solar panels. They were unable to generate power because the solar cells were not properly aligned with the sun. This raised concerns about how long communication with Earth would be possible since the lander was running on batteries that would likely run out within a few hours. To prevent this, JAXA temporarily shut down the moon lander until the angle of sunlight could change.

With SLIM, Japan aims to study lunar rocks and gain more insights into the moon’s origin. The country has set the goal of playing a larger role in space exploration and is collaborating with the US space agency NASA. The plan for the coming years is for a Japanese astronaut to set foot on the moon as part of NASA’s Artemis project, which aims to bring more people to the moon.

The Japanese moon lander SLIM was launched in September with the ambition of becoming the fifth country to reach the moon. Now that the power outage has been resolved, SLIM can continue its crucial mission and hopefully provide new revelations about the mysteries of our natural satellite.

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