MLB The Show 24: Honkbalgame keert terug naar Xbox en Xbox Game Pass in 2024

MLB The Show 24 Returns to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass in 2024


In a surprising announcement trailer, it has been revealed that the highly anticipated MLB The Show 24 will be returning to Xbox and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass in 2024. This beloved baseball game from Sony San Diego Studio, previously an exclusive title for PlayStation, will now be coming to all platforms for the fourth consecutive year.

The gameplay footage in the announcement trailer showcases a new and improved experience for fans of baseball games. While the franchise may be relatively less known in the Netherlands, MLB The Show enjoys immense popularity in the United States, consistently ranking high on the sales charts, often in the top 10 and top 20.

Instead of using a quote, users can add something like: “The gameplay footage provides a glimpse into the new and enhanced features that will captivate baseball enthusiasts.”

Similar to previous editions, the talented baseball player Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been chosen as the face of the game, highlighting the enormous appeal of MLB The Show 24. With his charisma and talent, Guerrero Jr. will undoubtedly excite fans of the game.

Fans of baseball and gaming cannot contain their excitement as MLB The Show 24 will be available for the Xbox Series X|S starting March 19, 2024. An added bonus is that the game will also be playable through Xbox Game Pass upon release, allowing players the opportunity to immediately immerse themselves in this captivating baseball spectacle.

The return of MLB The Show to Xbox and its addition to Xbox Game Pass is a milestone that the gaming community eagerly awaits. With more platform options and accessibility to a wider audience, MLB The Show 24 is poised to enchant baseball fans around the world with its stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and unparalleled baseball experience.

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