Is het nog de moeite waard om een Fitbit te kopen in 2024?

Is it Still Worth Buying a Fitbit in 2024?


The acquisition of Fitbit by Google has raised questions about the future of the brand as the go-to option for fitness trackers. While Google has introduced new Fitbit wearables like the Versa 4 and Sense 2, there are noticeable signs of Google’s influence in certain models, such as the Fitbit Charge 6. With features like Google Wallet integration, Google Maps instructions, and control over YouTube Music, Fitbit is increasingly becoming a Google-centric company, requiring users to have a Google account.

In addition to these changes, Fitbit has opted to restrict the availability of its products in many countries, including several European nations. This move aims to align Fitbit’s availability with that of the Pixel, but it has implications for the global accessibility of Fitbit wearables.

The uncertainty surrounding Fitbit as a part of Google has further intensified with the company merging different teams and laying off hundreds of employees. An anonymous Fitbit employee even expressed concerns that Google does not value Fitbit users and that the brand may lose its value in the long run.

While Google states its commitment to continuing Fitbit’s line of trackers, the future remains uncertain. It is possible that the partnership could lead to significant improvements, courtesy of Google’s expertise. However, there is also a chance that Fitbit may meet the same fate as many other failed Google projects.

As of now, there is no concrete reason to discourage purchasing a Fitbit in 2024. It is expected that Google will continue supporting the wearables and their associated app in the foreseeable future. However, for those seeking a long-term fitness tracker solution, it might be wise to explore alternatives due to the uncertainty surrounding Fitbit’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened to Fitbit since its acquisition by Google?

Fitbit’s position has been weakened since its acquisition by Google. Google has released new Fitbit wearables, but there are indications that Fitbit is becoming more integrated into Google’s ecosystem, such as support for Google Wallet, Google Maps instructions, and control of YouTube Music using the Fitbit tracker.

In which countries are Fitbit products no longer available?

Fitbit has chosen not to offer its products in many countries, including some European nations. This decision was made to align Fitbit’s availability with that of Google Pixel, resulting in a reduced global accessibility of Fitbit wearables.

What has happened with the teams within Google and Fitbit?

Google has merged various teams within the company and laid off hundreds of employees, creating uncertainty about the future of Fitbit as part of Google. An anonymous Fitbit employee even suggested that Google does not care about Fitbit users and that they will eventually become obsolete.

What is the future of Fitbit as a part of Google?

Although Google intends to continue with Fitbit trackers, the future is uncertain. There is the potential for improvements through Google’s expertise, but it is also possible that Fitbit may end up in the Google Graveyard like many other discontinued Google projects.

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