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Women Released After Sentence Reduction in Minnesota Drug Robbery Murder Case

Two women who had been found guilty in connection with the murder of a man in Minnesota during a drug robbery attempt were released from prison last week after their sentences were reduced under a new state law that redefines murder complicity. Megan Cater and Briana Martinson were charged in the murder of 19-year-old Corey Elder in Bloomington in 2017, reported Fox Minneapolis. The murder was motivated by an attempt to steal pills from the young man.

Instead of quoting Cater and Martinson’s defense lawyers, it can be stated that “both women were released after their sentences were reconsidered under the new Minnesota murder law.” The new law on murder complicity allows only those who directly commit or directly assist in the murder to be charged. Furthermore, the new law can be applied retroactively to those who are already in prison.

Elder’s family submitted a victim impact statement to the court, which led to a reduction in the sentences of Cater and Martinson. Cater received over 5 years in prison, while Martinson saw her sentence reduced to nearly 5 years. Both women were released on the same day, earlier than anticipated.

The new law aims to ensure that the main participants in a murder face the most severe consequences. According to Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty, their exact roles in the crime are recognized. However, Corey Elder’s mother, Bobbie Elder, believes that the criminal justice system has failed her son. “Megan Cater and Brianna Martinson were the masterminds behind the events that led to the murder of my son,” she said.

In summary, the women have been released due to the redefinition of the murder complicity law in Minnesota, which has led to a reduction in their sentences. The victim’s family claims that these women were the main perpetrators of the crime, stating that they planned and ensured the presence of a weapon. The new law seeks to ensure that those who directly commit a murder are the ones facing the harshest consequences.

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