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Implications of Gustavo Petro’s Budget Plan on Colombia’s Megaprojects

The budget plan proposed by the government of Gustavo Petro has raised concerns regarding over 100 megaprojects currently underway in Colombia. These projects could be affected or even paralyzed due to the decisions made by the government.

The Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (CCI) has warned about the negative consequences of renegotiating the “future availabilities,” which are the secured resources intended to pay for infrastructure megaprojects each year. According to the president of CCI, Juan Martín Caicedo, the funding for strategic initiatives for the country’s competitiveness and connectivity, such as the first line of the Bogotá metro, would be at risk if the General Budget of the Nation for 2024 is not carefully settled.

Petro’s government argues that other projects have higher priority for the country, sparking a debate on the importance of ongoing megaprojects. However, experts caution that altering the allocation of committed resources would affect the country’s legal security and undermine investor confidence.

Among the megaprojects at risk are the Medellin’s Metro Line 80, the Regiotram de Occidente in Cundinamarca, and the TransMilenio on Calle 13. Additionally, the 4G highways such as Autopistas Mar 1 and 2; Pasto – Rumichaca; Pamplona – Cúcuta; and Mulaló – Loboguerrero would also be impacted.

Petro’s budget plan could also affect the Pasto – Popayán concession and the periodic maintenance of national roads not subject to concessions by the National Roads Institute (Invías). Even the La Línea tunnel could be affected, leading to the closure of this important transportation route.

In conclusion, Gustavo Petro’s proposed budget plan could have serious implications on the development of megaprojects in Colombia. It is necessary to carefully evaluate the decisions made to ensure the continuity and successful completion of these vital infrastructures for the country.

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